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NEW Raw Premium Bade' Butter

NEW Raw Premium Bade' Butter


Our signature butter 📍

One of the most important purpose of us blending the butters is the base of every recipe, which is consistency, texture and revitalize your skin. Our natural oils are a great addition to most skin care regimens when used correctly and match to the right kind of problem (s).

We formulate our products with Non-Comedogenic oil controlling acne prone oily skin. Allowing the skin to breath while doing its job.

Our  nourishing  Bade' Butter is a cocoa mango refreshing scent blended containing natural antioxidants, gently moisturizing absorbing quickly when applied to the skin. It soothes sunburn, clears scars, eczema, and rashes.

The butter forms a protective barrier over the skin at the same time restoring elasticity to the skin reducing blemishes and wrinkles. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin.

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